As a proven and experienced inspection and manufacturing company to the maritime industry, quality is an important aspect of our offering, and we work to ensure it is continually assessed and refined. A unified approach to quality and continuous improvement allows our customers to be confident in our ability to deliver every project.

Within our teams, there is a host of knowledge, skills and experience in dealing with the technical aspects within the port industry. The management team will show leadership and commitment, and bear the responsibility for establishing, implementing, integrating and maintaining our Quality Management System and high standards to UKAS ISO/IEC 17020:2012.

Port Engineering Services is committed to comprehensive reviews of quality compliance, to ensure all employees and customers are aware of our quality procedures.

Our commitment is to:

  • Focus on customer needs and expectations by delivering an impartial, confidential and transparent service to our customers.
  • Compliance with ISO 17020 Standard, and internal quality requirements.
  • Providing inspection and testing services incorporating the highest levels of technical and professional expertise from our personnel.
  • The continuing professional development of individual staff team competency.
  • Continual updating of technical standards and legislation to allow our company to inform and educate both our own personnel and those of our clients of best practice for inspections.
  • Continual improvement of the company quality system.


Our Values

Customer Focus

Strive to understand and exceed the expectations of customers by providing an impartial, confidential and transparent service.


Consistently lead by example in responsible and transparent ways. Demonstrating honestly, fairness and being impartial in our interactions, behaviours and practices amongst our customers, employees and the wider community.


A unified approach to quality and continuous improvement allows our customers to be confident in our ability to deliver exceptional standards on every project assigned.


Listen carefully and treat colleagues and clients with courtesy and consideration. Implement a safe and supportive environment in which all individuals and staff are valued,

Team Work

We are one company, one team. It’s imperative that we have a collaborative approach to problem solving and people development to get the best out of teams.

For more information about our Quality Policy, Quality Management System or Our Values, contact info@portengineeringservices.com